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Debian Squeeze on HP 620 Notebook

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External speakers and wireless not working on HP 620 Notebook

Followed the step by step instructions here. Now everything works.

Appengine – Appstats (python)

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Setting up Appstats for python and djangoappengine.

Assuming you have your djangoappengine setup as explained here.
Now following the instructions from

1. Add this to


    # ...

2. Add this to app.yaml

- appstats: on

That’s it. Now start your server is running

python2.5 runserver

Point your browser to
You should see something like

Now add some data by visiting some pages eg (Do this in a different tab then refresh.) You should have some stats now.

That’s it. Very simple and straight forward instructions from the docs.

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Google I/O: Building Scalable, Complex Apps on App Engine

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appengine – SELECT using OR clause – alternative

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Appengine does not support SELECT using an OR clause. There are a number of options out there and this is one of them. The Kind I am using this on will not have alot of data and I am hoping (fingers crossed) that it will not cause a performance issue later on.

Filter, StringListProperty.

from googleappengine.ext import db

class Post(db.Model):
    author = db.StringProperty()
    category = db.StringListProperty()

post = Post(author="Sam", category=['bash', 'emacs','lisp'])
post = Post(author="Peter", category=['bash', 'appengine'])
post = Post(author="Ken", category=['mail', 'django','irc', 'sql'])

results = Post.all().filter('category = ', 'bash')

for item in results:
    print, item.category

You would then get the following two items.

Sam [u'bash', u'emacs', u'lisp']
Peter [u'bash', u'appengine']


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Linux Crontab: 15 Awesome Cron Job Examples

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