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Galaxy Tab screen blank

April 8, 2012 Leave a comment


Installed vplayer on the 7″ Galaxy tab. It played the video correctly the first few times. But then out of the blue the screen goes blank. Pressed the power button a few times and I could faintly see the system clock but everything else was unresponsive. Resorted to looking for a solution on google. Fortunately, I found something that works.


1. Long press the Volume Up and Power button for a few seconds.

2. It shows a triangle in the middle of the screen with the option to reboot or wipe/cache and the wipe-data/factoryreset. I just wanted to reboot so I pressed the Volume Up key again.

3. Now press the home key on the tab. That acts as the Enter key. Wait for a while and press the Home key again. Your system should now reboot.