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100 Vim commands

March 25, 2015 Leave a comment

This caught my eye

Window spliting
ctrl-w up arrow Puts cursor in top window
ctrl-w ctrl-w Puts cursor in next window
ctrl-w_ Maximise current window
ctrl-w= Gives the same size to all windows
10 ctrl-w+ Add 10 lines to current window
:vsplit file Split window vertically
:sview file Same as :split in readonly mode
:hide Close current window
:­nly Close all windows, excepted current
:b 2 Open #2 in this window

And lead me to reading “:help split” in vim

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Readonly Content cannot be changed

March 2, 2015 Leave a comment

Apparently, unbeknownst to me, my libreoffice document has Microsoft Forms. All attempts to delete it gave a warning about “Readonly content can not be changed…”

Found the solution gone here