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Skype – No sound/audio when making a test call

September 11, 2014 Leave a comment


So finally managed to install skype 4.3 on 64bit Debian Testing. Next hurdle was that I could not make a skype call as the other party could not hear me. Selecting Options->Sound Devices->Make a Test Call would result in nothing getting recorded.

Install pulseaudio and mate-volume-controller.

So most noticible effect was that now every time skype starts up you get all the moans and groans, but still “Make a Test Call” does not play back my voice.

In skype go to Sound Devices

Skype Sound Devices

Skype Sound Devices

Click on “Open PulseAudio Volume Control”

Volume Control

Volume Control

Make sure that the internal microphone is not muted. Once I unmuted mine. I redid the skype test call and it played back my voice.