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100% Stateless with JWT (JSON Web Token) by Hubert Sablonnière

August 31, 2018 Leave a comment

In our modern REST architectures, the session cookies of old are getting stale and crusty. It’s time to unbox JSON Web Tokens : a new approach, simpler, 100% stateless and easily scalable.

No more server side session storage. No more session replication across the cluster. Best of all, navigating multiple layers of APIs with only a single connection is much easier.

In this talk, you will discover the inner workings of JWTs. You will see how to handle a client session properly between a browser and a server. We will explore other usages and wrap up with pros and cons.

Hubert Sablonnière
I’m a curious and passionnate Web developer. I’m specialized in HTML, CSS and JavaScript but I also use server side technologies like NodeJS, PHP, Java, Neo4j, Docker…

With OpenDevise I help clients to move their trainings and conference talks to the next level.

My motivation : “To push the technology far enough to find new ways to improve user’s experiences.”


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