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Deploy Any Python Project to Kubernetes

April 16, 2020 Leave a comment

As your project grows, it might get to the point that it becomes too hard to handle with just single VM or some simple SaaS solution. You can solve that by switching to more robust solution like Kubernetes. That might however, be little too complex if you are not familiar with it’s concepts or if just never used it before. So, to help you out – in this article – we will go over all you need to get yourself started and have your Python project deployed on cluster – including cluster setup, all the Kubernetes manifests and some extra automation to make your life easier down the road!

This is a follow up to previous article(s) about Automating Every Aspect of Your Python Project, so you might want check that out before reading this one.

TL;DR: Here is my repository with full source code and docs:

Python Weekly

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Talks DevOps

September 4, 2017 Leave a comment

DevOpsDays Portland, 2016: Kelsey Hightower – NoOps

Kelsey Hightower – Keynote – Pycon 2017

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