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May 24, 2017 Leave a comment

I needed to have a local SNS/SQS setup for testing. GoAWS worked for me.

Written in Go this is a clone of the AWS SQS/SNS systems. This system is designed to emulate SQS and SNS in a local environment so developers can test their interfaces without having to connect the the AWS Cloud and possibly incurring the expense, or even worse actually write to production topics/queues by mistake. If you see any problems or would like to see a new feature, please open an issue here in github. As well, I will logon to Gitter so we can discuss your deployment issues or the weather.

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LocalStack – A fully functional local AWS cloud stack

March 31, 2017 Leave a comment

LocalStack provides an easy-to-use test/mocking framework for developing Cloud applications.

Currently, the focus is primarily on supporting the AWS cloud stack.

LocalStack spins up the following core Cloud APIs on your local machine:

* API Gateway at http://localhost:4567
* Kinesis at http://localhost:4568
* DynamoDB at http://localhost:4569
* DynamoDB Streams at http://localhost:4570
* Elasticsearch at http://localhost:4571
* S3 at http://localhost:4572
* Firehose at http://localhost:4573
* Lambda at http://localhost:4574
* SNS at http://localhost:4575
* SQS at http://localhost:4576
* Redshift at http://localhost:4577

Additionally, LocalStack provides a powerful set of tools to interact with the cloud services, including a fully featured KCL Kinesis client with Python binding, simple setup/teardown integration for nosetests, as well as an Environment abstraction that allows to easily switch between local and remote Cloud execution.

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