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Auto indent in vim was killing me! Every time I wanted to copy and paste some code into vim, it would auto indent the already indented code. So things were looking messy. A fix was to do “:set paste” before pasting code. Adding “set paste” to my .vimrc did not help cause for some reason code was getting auto indented when I pasted, so I had to “set nopaste”, then “set paste” to get it to ignore indentation.

Installing vim-bracketed-paste worked for me.

From http://cirw.in/blog/bracketed-paste


Vim also handles newlines specially. When I am manually typing out code, vim will add extra space characters each time I hit return so that the resulting indentation is correct. Unfortunately when pasting into vim these extra spaces end up making a mess because the content I’m pasting already includes the correct indentation.

The usual work around for this is to manually run “:set paste” inside vim before pasting, but I often forget. The vim-bracketed-paste plugin uses code from Chis Page to do this automatically for me, so the content I paste into vim does not get automatically indented but the lines I type manually still do. You can install this plugin using pathogen, or by copy-pasting the code into your ~/.vimrc.


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