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DNS Crash Course: A, AAAA AND PTR Records

I usually contribute posts to my blog to share a new concept or to review an awesome new piece of software. However, every once an a while I feel it necessary to contribute to the general knowledge of the Internet by bringing you posts like these.

I plan to publish a series of articles called DNS Crash Course and over the next several weeks, I’ll be explaining about DNS records – those pesky things that can make or break your website, email, and other services critical to a business or organization. I consider myself something of a subject matter expert on DNS as it relates to web hosting, being involved with Fox Design Werx. These articles will focus on a particular record type or types, if appropriate to be discussed together.

In this inaugural article, I’ll be discussing the most basic of all DNS records: the A record. By extension, I’ll also be explaining a reverse lookup record, also known as a PTR record, and something called AAAA or ‘quad-A’ records. First things first…


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