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Three Infrastructure mistakes your company must not make

When Avi Freedman was getting ready to graduate Temple University in 1992, there was no way to buy internet service in Philadelphia. Literally. If you wanted to send someone money to get a dial-up account, there was nobody to send it to. But Freedman had already been running public access Unix machines and letting people he knew log into them. So he decided to turn his personal frustration into a company that would offer dial-up Internet access to everyone in the area.

He thought, “Well, it can’t be that hard. I’ll just buy a commercial 24-7 internet access link and add some modems.” Not long afterward, Freedman founded Philadelphia’s first ISP. That early experience has served him well. Netaxs and many similar ISPs that built out the commercial internet spawned a community of people that now run some of the largest enterprise, web, and cloud and service provider infrastructures around the world.

Freedman has since wended his way through the networking world. He ran engineering for AboveNet, a global backbone provider (now part of Zayo); spent 10 years at Akamai, running the network group and creating infrastructure-focused services; and then served as CTO for the hosting and cloud company ServerCentral. Two and a half years ago, he founded Kentik to give companies complete visibility into their network traffic, performance and security. Having seen over 100 startups scale their infrastructure, he’s one of the best sources of advice we could have found to talk about technical infrastructure.

In this exclusive article, Freedman shares the three biggest (often company-ending) mistakes startups make when it comes to setting up their systems:

* They land themselves in Cloud Jail.
* They get sucked in by “hipster tools.”
* They don’t design for monitorability.

But don’t worry if you spot symptoms of these where you work. It’s possible to avoid these pitfalls if you’re aware of them as you build your company.


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