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Javascript – True or False?

Interesting article on Javascript.

I haven’t had the chance to work with Javascript so I don’t know if this is true or not. Is he just ranting or does he have a valid point. Here is some of what he says

It’s much more about the problem you are trying to solve, the community you interact with and the quality of the libraries you are going to rely on to build something useful. These things can and do vary wildly. Python is a great general-purpose language with a friendly community, Ruby is probably a bit more web-focused but mostly the same. PHP is great for making web applications if you’re 12. C# is great for windows desktop applications. J is used by about 20 people in the whole world but is great for numeric applications. Java is not really good for writing software.

The JavaScript community though largely of well-meaning and enthusiastic programmers (not usually “software engineers”) who are fresh out of their Coder Bootcamp and ready to disrupt the stodgy old world of UNIX weenies who waste their time doing silly things like memory management and aren’t up on the latest frontend frameworks. With the notable exception of transpiling C to JavaScript, running JavaScript on an operating system instead of a web browser requires a whole lot of library support for things like networking, threading, files and more. So much to rewrite and make asynchronous!

Read the full article at http://spiegelmock.com/post/127971602352/programming-with-the-lowest-common-denominator

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