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Fluxbox changing focus

I reinstalled debian and fluxbox. I have a monitor attached to my laptop, but every time I clicked on any window on the second screen, it would get moved to the first screen. Right clicking to bring up the main menu on the second screen also did not work.

Apparently, under main menu, configuration there is an option to change the Focus Model. That was my problem. I changed it to “Mouse Focus” then back to “Click to Focus” and my fluxbox is now working as normal.

So that was not the fix. The issue was that when fluxbox starts, my Toolbar width is only on one screen. When I right click on the second screen that does not have the toolbar, the menu only appears on the first screen. So to fix, I need to restart fluxbox so that the Toolbar appears on both. (I need to change the init settings for this). Earlier, when changing focus I restarted it but attributed the fix to the changing of focus which was incorrect.

The upside of this struggle, was that I learnt quite a bit about the keys file. For more on keys


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