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appengine – SELECT * From my_model WHERE category LIKE ‘news%’

I needed to use a LIKE query in appengine.

Got some great answers from google search.

The solution I went with is here.

From pythoughts.com

Where in sql you usually would query:

"SELECT * FROM thought WHERE user LIKE gra%"

We now have to use:

"SELECT * FROM thought WHERE user >= 'gra' AND user < :1", u'gra' + u'\ufffd'"

Imagine the table as being sorted alphabetically, user >= ‘gra’ would include any user-names that come after, or equal, ‘G’, then ‘R’, then ‘A’ in the alphabet. The next filter is a less-than inequality, so it’s going to filter out any values that are greater than the specified term, which we set as u’gra’ + u’\ufffd’. The unicode character and ‘\ufffd’ code specify that the result must include the first three character, ‘gra’ (formatted as unicode in order to concatenate with “u’\ufff'”), as well as any other unicode characters following that. This will limit the query enough to return a value such as ‘graeme’, if the search term is ‘grae’, but will not return ‘graham’, or, say, ‘tagrae’.

1. This works pretty well as the amount of data that I have will be “relatively small”.
2. The data saved in category field is in lowercase, without spaces or punctuation for easier search. Above solution is case sensitive.

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