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Learning Emacs – Ch 2 (Editing)

Chapter 2 – Editing

A. Movement
1. Characters
    C-p (previous-line)
    C-n (next-line)
    C-f (forward-character)
    C-b (backward-character)
2. Words
    M-f [forward a word]
    M-b [backward a word]
3. Lines
    C-e [end of the line]
    C-a [beginning of the line]
4. Sentences
    M-a [move backward one sentence]
    M-e [move forward one sentence]
5. Screen
    C-v or PgDown Key [page down]
    M-v or PgUp Key [page up]
6. Buffer
    M-> or End Key [end of a buffer]
    M-< or Home Key [beginning of a buffer]
7. To a specific line
    M-x goto-line Enter n Enter
    M-x goto-char Enter n Enter

B. Repeating Commands
M-n (digit-argument) eg M-500 C-n [move the cursor down 500 times]

C. Deleting Text
C-d (delete-character)
M-d (kill-word)
C-k (kill-line)
M-k (kill-sentence)
C-y (yank) [restore what you deleted]

D. Undo
C-_ or C-x u

source: “Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition by Debra Cameron, James Elliott, Marc Loy. Copyright © 2005 O’Reilly Media, Inc. ISBN 0-596-00648-9”

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